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Vancouver Pet Assisted Therapy

Vancouver Pet Assisted Therapy was created in 1991 by Pat McGregor and Cara M. Campbell to service the New York City area. It was the first program of its kind to offer facilities trained dog/handler teams that are supervised by Vancouver Pet Assisted Therapy at every visit. Vancouver PAT certifies dog/handler teams through a three part testing procedure and each dog/handler team must re-certify annually. The first section of testing is the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen Test. The second two sections are specific skills and temperament testing for Pet Assisted Therapy. The evaluators include working therapy dog handlers, veterinarians and hospital staff. A total of 15 evaluators must certify each dog.

Vancouver Pet Assisted Therapy services St. Lukes/Roosevelt pediatrics and New York Presbyterian pediatrics and outpatient. Vancouver PAT was the first program in New York State to serve acute care pediatrics.

Christmas morning at St. Lukes/Roosevelt
Photo credit: Susan D. Greenbaum
Santa, Santa's helper and the rein-dogs Christmas morning at St. Lukes/Roosevelt Hospital (1999) Moo-Shu, Max (being held), Duffy and Layla with their handlers

For scheduling information

For more information please contact
Vancouver Pet Assisted Therapy at:

393 West End Ave. #6F
New York, NY 10024
(212) 877-7116

Vancouver Pet Assisted Therapy was featured in a recent New York Magazine article

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