A puppy cocks his head at the camera

Classes for Puppies

Being a puppy is a tough job. Give your pup a head start on basic obedience and having fun with other dogs.

A dog sitting on a sofa

Classes for the Family Pet

A dog is forever. Build a great relationship with obedience skills like sit, stay, walk on lead, and come when called, along with house and car manners.

A sheltie standing in a dog play structure


Barking Hills offers a boarding experience like no other: a home environment, play areas and customized care for your dog.

Susan and Donna's dog training skills are exceptional and you won't be disappointed. Over the last 15 years, throughout several dogs, the training each (in various classes) instilled in our dogs ensured fundamental, well rounded, respectable canines

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Choose your classes and sign up for classes starting in September.

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Barking Hills Canine All-Stars

Barking Hills Canine All-Stars

From Saturday Night Live to Home Depot and in the pages of Vogue, Gourmet, and Anthropologie, the Canine All Stars are trained for each shoot.

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Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy

Can you imagine how frightening being hospitalized can be to a toddler? Especially on Christmas or your birthday or for the 10th time this year. Animal Assisted Therapy teams help de-mystify medical procedures, and make an institution a little more like home.

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