Thank you for paying online through PayPal for a Barking Hills Country Club class.

To complete your registration, you must fill out and sign the Registration Information Form and send it by mail or fax to Barking Hills before the class begins.

For Basic Obedience for the Family Pet, we must receive this form no less than seven days before class begins!

Please print this page and read the class rules and regulations carefully.

Check List

Is your registration complete?
Check Box Complete, and mail or fax, the Registration Information Form
Check Box Mail or fax a copy of proof of up to date vaccinations for us to keep.
Check Box Read the rules and regulations for Barking Hills Country Club classes
Check Box Read the directions to the training space
At your first class
 At every class…don’t forget to:
Check Box Check that your dog has current identification (ID tag) on his/her collar
Check Box Bring a dog towel or dog mat
Check Box Bring lots of treats (no bigger than the fingernail on your pinky, nice soft treats). Good choices are cheese, cooked hot dog, bologna etc.

Class Rules & Regulations

A good indoor training space is hard to find and harder still to keep! Please help us keep the landlord happy.

  • Please. when you exercise your dog, (let your dog urinate and defecate) please clean up.  Please have a “poop” bag with you at all times.  You may walk your dog on the grass at the far end of the parking lot but you must clean up after your dog.
  • Please keep your dog in a martingale, limited slip or greyhound style collar with current ID at all times. (For your first class any collar that buckles or snaps closed will do)
  • Only one handler may handle the dog for the complete session of classes.
  • Each handler may only handle one dog in each class (without prior instructor permission) and it must be the same dog each session of class.
  • Please keep your dog on lead (no longer than six feet when indoors) at all times, inside and outside the building.
  • Please wear well fitting, rubber soled shoes – no open backs or sandals please.
  • Handlers of dogs must be 14 years of age or older.  There are exceptions for the Kids & Dogs Workshops, Junior Showmanship Classes, and children currently participating in 4H dog clubs.  Children currently enrolled in a 4H dog club may attend performance classes including Rally Obedience, Competition Obedience, Agility, Flyball, Disc Dog and so on.  Children 10 – 14 may handle a dog in Small Dog/Puppy Agility with the instructor’s permission.
  • All family members are invited to attend as spectators. If you bring children please bring something for them to do (books, crayons etc). If you bring children under the age of 10 they must be accompanied by an adult who is not working with the dog.
  • Please respect the marked off areas and keep your dog, yourself and your guests out of those areas.
  • Please don’t bring any dogs that are not enrolled into the building.
  • Please remember that the temperature inside your car can rise to 120 degrees in 12 minutes. Please don’t leave dogs in the car.
  • Please remember to bring a towel or mat and treats to each class.
  • Please don’t let your dog go up to any other dog while in the building or on the grounds. Please respect the dogs wearing red bandanas – these dogs don’t like other dogs coming too close to them.
  • Please stay with the class – it’s important that we work together as a group. If you’re having a problem please raise your hand and someone will come over to help.
  • Please, for the sake of the other dogs in class, do not bring your dog to class if she/he has diarrhea, vomiting, runny eyes or a runny nose.
  • Please remember that working with your dog is a commitment and you will need to practice five to six days a week for the entire class schedule.
  • Please remember to have FUN with your dog!


Directions to Barking Hills Lebanon Plaza Training Space

Barking Hills is located at Lebanon Plaza on Route 22 east at the rear of the building.

From the east: Take Rt. 78 West to exit 20A. Follow the exit to Rt. 22 (the first light  @ .4 miles) and take a left onto Rt.22. Lebanon Plaza is almost immediately on your right.

From the west: Take Rt. 78 East to exit 18. Take Rt. 22 East @ 2.5 miles (four lights) to Cokesbury Rd. (the fourth light). Lebanon Plaza is just past the intersection on your right.