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Seminars, Puppy Playgroup, and Puppy Kindergarten classes will be continue to be taught until September.  Puppy Kindergarten classes can be pro-rated if you cannot fit in the full six classes prior to the first week in September.

July 8, 2018
21 years ago today Barking Hills Country Club opened for classes.  We’ve had the privilege of working with great students and their terrific dogs.  Many of our students have come back with their second, third, and fourth dogs.    We have had game nights, dog camps, Halloween and Christmas parties, dog birthdays, and much more.  We have had a wonderful time with all of you.

I have been given an amazing opportunity to expand the work I do with hospitalized children and dogs.  It is an exciting time.   Unfortunately, there are not enough hours in the day to work at the hospital and continue to teach classes.  With much sadness we announce that Barking Hills will close training classes at the beginning of September.  Until then, all classes are as scheduled.

We will continue to offer boarding as well as private training and will always be available to our students for help and advice.  Perhaps, in the future, we will be able to offer classes one day a week in another location.  Thank you all for your friendship and please keep in touch.  Send us an email at:  barkinghills@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you.  Susan D. Greenbaum

These classes are for puppies from 2 to 7 months. Please check the age ranges for each class.


These four seminars are $25 each. Scheduled by appointment-days, evenings, weekends.  Call to schedule.

Puppy Parenting Seminar

Being a puppy parent is a tough job; but you can avoid many of the common errors and pitfalls that go along with puppy raising. Learn about the stages of your pup’s development, what to expect, and how to create a safe home environment for your pup.

Housetraining Help

Teaching your puppy to potty outdoors — when and where you want it to happen — doesn’t have to be hard. You’ll learn our proven method for quickly housetraining puppies, and put an end to those indoor “accidents.”

Canine Troubleshooting

OH NO! What have you gotten yourself into? Your adorable pup is turning into a pest — nipping people, jumping up, stealing things and chewing everything in sight! Learn how to curb bad habits and teach your puppy or dog replacement behaviors you approve of.

The Prodigal Canine

Bold, outgoing, curious, clever. Dogs with these traits lead happier, safer lives — and become better companions for you and your children. They learn faster, and adapt to change more easily. Mentally stimulated dogs don’t steal and destroy things or dig in the yard. Find out how you can help your dog become a prodigy — or perfect his prodigal personality. Strategies for creative play, problem solving and environment enrichment will be discussed. Learn how and why dogs play and explore — and use it all to your advantage.


Puppy Playgroup! – Please call or check our FaceBook Page to see if Playgroup is being held each week.

Puppies may participate until the end of their sixth month of age.  Your puppy must have veterinary clearance and you need to bring a copy of their inoculation records for us to keep – no puppies are permitted in the building without it.  Puppies running, jumping and playing with other puppies.  Monitored groups separated by size. Great for socializing, teaching bite inhibition, and tiring out your puppy!
$7 at the door or $30 for a book of 5 tickets. Drop in Mondays from 8:30 – 9:15 pm


All classes meet at the Lebanon Plaza training space.

Puppy Kindergarten

For puppies under five months old when they start class.   For owners who wish to raise a well-rounded pet. This is a fun-focused, game-filled course geared specifically for young puppies. It includes an introduction to essential, basic skills such as coming when called, greeting people politely, canine first aid, ways to play, walking nicely on lead, grooming skills, and much more.  Puppy Kindergarten classes can be taken in any order so you may start at any time!  Please send us an email to let us know to expect you and remember to check with your veterinarian and bring a copy of your puppy’s immunization records with you to class.  You may join any class at any time.  Just send us an email or give us a call and you can start right now!

Puppy Kindergarten Cost and Dates Pay with PayPal
6 class sessions
Classes are ongoing:

  • Saturdays at 4 – 4:45 pm

Select a Class

Start Date, Dog’s Name, Breed and Date of Birth

Puppy and Small Dog Agility!

Yes, you heard it.  Agility for puppies and small dogs up to 40 lbs!   Special contact obstacles – small size.  Have your puppy or small dog learn the basics of agility, have a terrific time and stay safe.  Jump heights stay very low to keep those soft puppy bones and beginner dogs safe. There are two different classes of 4 sessions each: Tunnels and Jumps and Contacts

Puppy/Small Dog Agility Cost and Dates Pay with Paypal
4 class sessions
Classes start on:


Start Date, Dog’s Name, Breed and Date of Birth

Private Lessons

Private lessons are scheduled by appointment-days, evenings, weekends.  Call to schedule.

Special rates for current students.